Jim & Josh at Olowalu Plantation House

Jim and Josh held their wedding at the stunning Olowalu Plantation House on the sparkling shores of Maui. Friends and family raved about the beauty of the location they chose for their sweet ceremony by the sea. As the sun set over the island, the couple was able to enjoy a stroll down the pier together before rejoining the celebration under the twinkling bistro lights.


What a beautiful wedding , we were so happy to be a part of this wonderful couples “I dos!” Congratulations Jim and Josh!

A special thank you to all of the vendors who assisted in making this such a beautiful event! And to their friends, Ivy Pak, who served as the officiant, and Niki Baker who designed the invitations and table numbers.

Venue: Olowalu Plantation House

Catering: Food for the Soul

Photography: Scott Drexler Photography

Florist: Maui Wedding Flowers

Violinist: Willy Wainwright

DJ: Del Sol

Rentals: Island Event Rentals


Protecting Your Engagement Ring at Your Destination Wedding

The best part about a destination wedding is that you can get straight to the honeymoon after. After the ceremony, there is no traveling to your getaway because you did it all before. But there are a lot of things to keep in mind including your engagement ring! Will the weather be what you expect? What’s it like traveling with a fancy

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, diamond engagement ring? Here are some tips for keeping the engagement ring safe during your destination wedding!

Insure It

The best thing you can do before booking your destination wedding is insure your engagement ring. This will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your wedding and honeymoon without worry. Your engagement ring is something special that you don’t want to lose. It represents your relationship with your partner so protect it! Jewelry insurance can range from repair to replacing your ring if you lose it or it gets stolen. Jewelers, like Blue Nile, provide insurance when you buy your beautiful engagement ring. From the start, you never have to worry about it!

Cleaned & Checked

Before you even leave, make it a priority to have your engagement ring professionally cleaned and checked by a jeweler. Your wedding photos are going to be memories that you can forever look back on so having your ring look extra shiny is only a plus! You don’t want your engagement ring to disappoint. You want that ring to look gorgeous next to your brand-new wedding ring. A professional jeweler will inspect it to make sure there is no damage to the ring like a loose setting or cracks in the stone. Cleaning it yourself is a great idea

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, but this extra step will make sure that your ring gets the care it needs for that particular setting and stone. It’s better to have your engagement ring sparkling and fixed before you leave, then realize you have a problem while you’re there!

Bring the Ring Box

This may seem like common sense, but with all the wedding planning and packing this is easy to miss! Bring your ring box for both the wedding ring and your engagement ring. You will likely have to take off your engagement ring at the airport so this will keep it extra safe. When the wedding is over, you can get straight to the honeymoon! If you’re doing anything crazy, make sure you take off your rings and put them in the box and stored safely in the hotel’s safe. It might be sad to not wear them, but this is way better than losing or damaging them. Whether you’re hiking a volcano or snorkeling the seas, have fun, but be aware. You don’t want to scratch the metal or lose any stones!

Your destination wedding is going to be so gorgeous and memorable! The beautiful beaches and weather are going to create a day you’ll never forget. All of these tips will help create the wedding of your dreams and keep your rings safe!


Michelle & Kellen at The Coconut Farm

If you are ready to fall in LOVE, take a peak into the ceremony and reception of Michelle and Kellen! As a private chef and past winner of Cut Throat Kitchen, Kellen knows how to win, and lucky enough, he has won the heart of his beautiful bride, Michelle. We just adore this fun-loving couple! Hand-made tie-dye napkins and dainty porcelain sake cups (used for a sake toast, as a nod to their heritage) were thoughtful favors their guests were able to take home as a token of this oh-so-special day.

Once the reception kicked off and the music started , there was no stopping! They danced and danced as the full moon rose over the mountains and shone down on couple, surrounded by friends, family, and most of all…love.

Special thanks to the following vendors:

Photography: Dmitri and Sandra Photography

DJ: Del Sol

Catering: Cafe O’ Lei

Bar: Bars Are Us

Rentals: Paradise Rentals

Make-up: Mei Li Autumn Beauty


Katie & Joe at Olowalu Plantation House

Smiles and laughter flourished at Katie and Joe’s fun-filled island wedding at the historical Olowalu Plantation House. With an “All-Star” cast of bridesmaids and groomsmen, no detail was overlooked in their quest to say “I do” in style. (Take note of the customized Converse tennis shoes!)  Friends, food, and fun were abundant, and you can practically hear the cheers and laughter when sorting through these beautiful and smile-worthy photos.

Once the sun finally sank beyond the horizon

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, it was time to break in those Converse and dance the night away. Katie and Joe had cool and frosty shave-ice treats, and a late night snack, on stand-by to recharge the revelers as they celebrated.

Special thanks to the vendors:

Venue: Olowalu Plantation House

Photography: Love and Water Photography

Videography: Zeb Films Hawaii

Catering: Food for the Soul

Bar: Maui Bars are Us

Cake: Maui Wedding Cakes, Inc.

Dessert: Leoda’s Kitchen & Pie Shop

Florist: Sunya’s Flowers

Shave Ice: Kona Shave Ice

Makeup: Meili Autumn Beauty

DJ: Boomshot

Officiant: Joshua Kahula

Music: Kaniala Masoe Music

Rentals: Paradise Event Rentals – Maui

Please visit Katie & Joe’s Wedding Wire review:

Wedding Wire Review


Erica & Dat at Coconut Palms

Erica and Dat made their way , hand in hand, through the coconut grove and into their future together. The couple experienced their own piece of Maui paradise, strolling through the lush coconut palms, and across the lawn to admire the expansive vistas where they shared their “I Dos.” Delicate peach-petaled roses and Eucalyptus leaves accentuated Erica’s gorgeous lace gown, which hearkened back to 20’s-era glamour. Both were adorned with floral leis, as beautiful as their beaming smiles!

Wedding Planner Cherise Schulman was especially excited to greet two of the guests at Erica and Dat’s wedding with a big hug…she had been their wedding planner in 2013! Dat’s sister, Chi, and husband Alex were in attendance, which made the day extra special.

Here is a throwback the Chi and Alex’s wedding in 2013!

Special thanks to the following vendors:

Photographer: Caitlin Cathey Photography

Floral Design: Sunya’s Flowers

Officiant: Valentino Rosete

Musician: Joshua Kahula

Catering: Three’s Catering

Wedding Cake: Maui Wedding Cakes , Inc.

Event Rentals: Paradise Event Rentals – Maui






Kelsey & Carl at Olowalu Plantation House

Kelsey and Carl drove off into the sunset in a classic vintage car after saying their “I Dos” at the historic Olowalu Plantation House. A picture-perfect Maui wedding that just makes you smile!

Kelsey & Carl Highlight from Zeb Films Hawaii on Vimeo.

Vendors: Sunya’s Flowers, Dmitri and Sandra: Hawaii Wedding Photographers, Meili Autumn Beauty, Olowalu Plantation House, Maui Wedding Cakes, Inc., Maui DJ Services

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, Paradise Event Rentals – Maui, Cafe O’Lei Restaurants, Aloha Bars Maui


Leslie & Tanner at Makena Seaside

What could be better than marrying your best friend? Having that wedding at a beautiful estate in a sun-soaked paradise! Leslie and Tanner’s gorgeous seaside wedding was held on the South shore of Maui in Makena. Family and friends gathered on the sun-speckled lawn to watch as the conch shell sounded, marking the beginning of their forever.

The wedding took on a whimsical feel, with trees draped in twinkle lights and long strands of orchids, which created a fairy tale feel for the bride, groom, and their guests to enjoy. Rustic tables invited the party to dine next to the crashing waves along the private , white-coral beach. The surrounding lava rocks provided a stunning backdrop for photos, with their sharp black edges contrasting beautifully with the delicate lace detail on Leslie’s wedding gown. Ocean-blue accents were carried throughout the wedding, from the groom’s tie all the way down to the delicious macaroons served under the stars!


Leslie and Tanner ventured off-property to capture more of Maui’s verdant beauty in their rain forest photo shoot with family friend , Chugach Peaks Photography. Towering trees draped in lush vines surround the couple in natural beauty, and the golden light casts an ethereal glow on this happy couple. We are so happy to have been a part of their gorgeous Maui wedding!

A special “Thank You” to all of the vendors who helped to make this wedding so spectacular: Valentino Rosete, Kahiau Wedding Flowers, Food for the Soul Catering, Paradise Event Rentals, Joshua Kahula Music, Chugach Peaks Photography, and Beach Bunny Bakery.

Bridal Tips & Trends – Mismatched Bridesmaid’s Dresses

You’ve gathered a group of your fave women to be your bridesmaids and now comes the challenge – finding a dress that all of your besties love and feel good in but also that you love and goes with your wedding theme and color palette.  Not a task to be underestimated, for sure.  Gone are the days when all of your girls were expected to look like clones of each other. There is a beauty in tradition but Modern women prefer to be unique and allow their personalities to shine through – as well as that of your girlfriends.  Welcome the mismatched bridesmaids dresses!  While this is a very popular tend in weddings these days

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, and one that sure to be here to stay, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your wedding party picture perfect!

First of all – there are several ways to “mismatch” your wedding party attire – and which you choose will depend upon your unique wedding party and your personal preferences – remember if your girls love their dresses it will show!
1.  Same Color, but different Dress Styles – this is a great option when your wedding party is beautiful group of amazing ladies in various shapes and sizes.  All of your girls are able to choose a style that they love for themselves in the specific color you’ve provided for them.  Hint – it’s best to go with a bigger retailer for this option where you’ll have tons of style options for each color/fabric choice.  Here are a few examples –
pc Jana Dillon

Jana Dillon

L’amour Photography

L’amour Photography

Kaua Wedding Photography

Kaua Wedding Photography

2. Same Style – but different Colors for each dress. This is wonderful way to bring in a lot of different colors to your wedding ceremony – rainbow weddings, jewel tone weddings, seaglass wedding etc… Again, in this case a big name retailer will generally have the most selection of colors for each dress style.

blog - mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Mirelle Carmichael Photography

3. Various Shades of One Color – I love this look – you get a lot of dimension with various shades of one color – ombre at it’s best.  This can be all the same style or a mix of styles – but keep in mind it will look best in your photos if all the maids have similar length dress if choosing different colors.

Mirelle Carmichael

MeewMeew Studios

Kaua Wedding Photography

4. Eclectic mix of Textures & Shades – This look is so stunning for a vintage or boho chic wedding – various textures of lace, sequins or textured fabrics which looks amazing in neutrals or metallics.

mismatched maids dresses

Nate and Jenna Photography

mismatched maids dresses

Megan Ann Photography

mismatched maids dresses

Maui Creative Photography

mismatched maids dresses

Nate and Jenna Photography

5.  Same Dress for Bridesmaids

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, but a different Color/Style/Texture or Length for your Maid of Honor – for those who love the more traditional and uniform look of matching bridesmaid’s dresses but what to add a little something unique – how about choosing a different dress for just your maid of honor.  You maid of honor can wear a full length dress while your maids wear a shorter dress….or she can wear a different shade of the same color as the bridesmaids…or add a pattern or texture to your maid of honor’s dress to help her stand out in your photos and at your ceremony as the super special gal she is in your life!

mismatached maid-of-honor dress

Anna Kim Photography

mismatached maid-of-honor dress

Naomi Sheikin Photography

6. Traditional Bridesmaids dresses in same style and color – but choose a different bouquet for each gal.  While this is not exactly mismatched bridesmaids dresses – it does create a mismatched bridesmaid overall look. Photo by Paris Mountain Photography

Happy Shopping ladies!

Say Hello to the Tropical Wedding of Your Dreams

As Featured on “Style Me Pretty” June 17, 2016

By Michelle Hoover

Style: Al Fresco / Setting: Historical Venue & Outdoor Wedding / Season: Fall

What’s better than a destination wedding in Hawaii? How about a destination wedding in Hawaii straight from the talented lens of photographer Mirelle Carmichael. Graced with a crazy elegant seaside ceremony, lush landscaping, and of course a few tropical details (hello pineapple!). Sounds dreamy, right? Well you’re in luck because we’ve got all that and more waiting for you to favorite in The Vault!

From The Bride…On paper , a destination wedding would probably be the last thing that Gareth would ever choose to do to celebrate a marriage , much less a destination wedding in a place that he had never been to until 8 months before the actual wedding. Gareth is someone who very much likes his routines — he is the guy, according to his best man, who will “go into an ice cream shop with 31 flavors and come out with a double scoop of chocolate ice cream.” He is the simple, steady one in our relationship and doesn’t venture out of the norm very often.

And yet, as fate would have it, Gareth found himself miles from home on the beautiful island of Maui to celebrate one of the biggest days of his life. A destination wedding ended up to be perfectly fitting for Gareth & I. Gareth…born in Australia, raised in Singapore, and now living in the SF Bay Area…has spent countless hours traveling back and forth between Asia, Australia and the US… usually to attend weddings, visit family and catch up with old friends. So while he does prefer the homebody life, he also loves taking trips to visit family and friends. Maui seemed like a logical choice for Gareth because he thought many of his family and friends abroad would love to have an excuse to visit paradise. As for me, I grew up going on summer vacations to Maui with my family, and I know this definitely helped me develop a love for traveling that grew as I got older. Maui was an easy choice for us… for me, it was sentimental and reflected my love for travel…and for Gareth, it was a perfect intersection for his 3 different worlds.

My vision for the wedding was for it to be simple, sweet and romantic. I hope I achieved this, as most people know how you can get caught up in details, especially considering how easy it is to spend an entire evening pinning every little thing on Pinterest. Olowalu was amazing, and provided a perfect setting for our guests to watch a beautiful Hawaiian sunset while enjoying some cocktails. We loved the privacy of the estate too; it was like we were in our own little paradise wedding world! Our main colors were soft blues and greens with some pink and peach mixed in to add a little feminine touch. The table decorations consisted of white linens with a simple but elegant silk dupioni table runner. The centerpieces were made of white and pink roses with seashells and starfish throughout to give a subtle beach feel; they were nothing short of amazing and really added to the sweet and romantic feel I was hoping for.

Despite the endless months of planning and emails leading up to the wedding, Gareth and I look back on our wedding day with the fondest of memories. Of all of them, I would have to say my favorite memory would probably be during dinner…I remember looking out at our guests at their tables – friends and family from all parts of our lives, and thinking how they had set aside so much to be with us…I was truly touched. Both Gareth and I really wanted the wedding to reflect how grateful we were for everything in our lives. While we were excited to celebrate our marriage with our dearest friends and family, we also wanted the wedding to be our gift back to those who have supported us along the way, and who had traveled so far to be with us. Maui really ended up being the perfect place for Gareth & I and our guests. The general nature of weddings can often bring about feelings of chaos and stress, but there is just something different about the islands. During the ceremony, our dear officiant, Reverend Pia, reminded us of the spirit of aloha and that on the islands, love is reflected in all the beauty surrounding us. What a wonderful and true reminder that is!


Photography: Mirelle Carmichael Photography

Cinematography: Wonderfilm Studios

Coordination: The Perfect Wedding Maui

Floral Design: Sunya’s Flowers

Wedding Dress: Marisa Bridals

Cake: Cake Fanatics

Rings: Classic Rock San Jose

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Donna Morgan

Catering: Cafe O’Lei

Hair + Makeup: Kalani Style

DJ: DJ Boomshot

Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Officiant: Reverend Pia Aluli

Ceremony Music: David Wolf

Venue: Olowalu Plantation House


Maui Wedding from Laura Hooper Calligraphy + Anna Kim Photography

As Featured on “Style Me Pretty” October 31, 2013

By Dawn Strong

Setting: Destination & Outdoor Wedding / Season: Summer

A destination wedding in Maui is in and of itself pretty spectacular, but when you throw in a dream team of vendors that includes Laura Hooper Calligraphy, The Perfect Wedding Maui and Anna Kim Photography to make it all happen, it becomes a destination wedding that dreams are made of.  Case in point?  This beyond gorgeous day set against the beautiful Olowalu Plantation House.  It’s fab paper goods meets mesmerizing stylings meets all kinds of pretty.

From Cherise of The Perfect Wedding… It was a classic white wedding from the flowers to the groom’s shoes! An intimate gathering of family and friends joined Crystal & Joseph on this destination wedding. I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet couple about a year before the wedding when they came to Maui to view sites and meet potential vendors. We hit it off and began planning their day right away. While many things changed along the way

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, the romantic vision remained throughout. I loved the elegant details like the crystal chandeliers in the dining canopy and floating over the dance floor, the lavender and crystal accented pillows on the lounge seating, the silver beaded glass charger plates that held the classic white dinner plates, etc. Everywhere you looked there was some little bit of Crystal evident in the decor. As Crystal made her way across a bed of white orchids on her wedding aisle, Joseph was waiting with the most beautiful look of love oh his face. From their first look to their exit through a pathway of sparklers, this was a day to remember and I for one am honored to have played a part in the day.


Wedding Planner: Cherise Shulman of The Perfect Wedding Maui

Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Catering: Food For the Soul Maui

Hair & Makeup: Maui MiRa

Officiant: Rev. Laki Pomaikai Ka’ahumanu

Transportation: Executive Transportation

Venue: Olowalu Plantation House

Cake & Desserts: Cake Fanatics

Ceremony Musician: Marvin Tevaga

Bride’s Dress: Mikaella by Paloma Blanca

Wedding Ring: Tacori