Ernest Pua'a

Ernest is one of the kindest, gentlest men you’ll ever meet. His ceremony is beautiful and Meaningful. His warm smile and mellow approach will put you at ease and warm your hearts. Ernest is from Molokai and incorporates his Hawaiian heritage into each ceremony in a meaningful and simple way. Ernest also is a talented musician.

Pia Aluli

Pia’s beautiful smile and friendly nature will immediately put you at ease and make you feel like you’re being married by a long-time friend. His ceremony is so lovely and pure. Pia is no longer accepting weddings on the West Side of Maui (anywhere past the Pali – from Olowalu to Kapalua) but he is an ideal choice for a South Maui or Upcountry wedding.  He is also a very talented musician.

Tino Rosete

Tino, short for Valentine, is one of the sweetest and most sincere men you could wish to meet. His ceremony is perfect in it’s simplicity. If you want to be married in a straightforward way without a lot of fanfare, Tino’s ceremony is sure to exactly what you are looking for.

Charles Nahale

Charles is another great choice for a Hawaiian ceremony. He is a talented Musician, Hawaiian native, Minister and Spiritual Teacher. Whether Religious, Non-Religious or Hawaiian Ceremony, Charles is committed to honoring your joyous and sacred commitment service. He is kind, gentle and sweet and will instantly put you at ease and welcome you with open arms.

Joe Miles

Joe is a perfect choice for those not wanting a religious or Hawaiian ceremony or for those blending two religions together. His ceremony is very spiritual but non-denominational. He is the most involved in customizing your ceremony to suit you exactly and will happily arrange time before your big day to get to know you and work out your ceremony wishes. He is warm and kind and exudes a joie de vivre that is contagious.

Laki Ka'ahumanu

Laki is one of the most popular ministers on our list. He’s a big beautiful Hawaiian with royal blood, being a descendant of Queen Ka’ahumanu. If you were to look up in a reference manual “Hawaiian Wedding Officiant”, it would show a picture of Pastor Laki! He is a walking testimony to the Aloha Spirit. If you want a fun, playful ceremony then Laki is the perfect choice. In addition to being one of the most sought after ministers on Maui, Laki has a long history of helping so many homeless and troubled souls on the island and beyond. He is a true humanitarian and is working to make Maui a better place, one man/woman/child at a time.

Bob McCollor

Bob is a favorite for choice for a religious Christian ceremony. He is perfect for those wanting an outdoor wedding, but who still want the sacred and earnest feel of a church wedding. Bob is also a great choice when blending Christian and Jewish or other faiths into a inter-denominational ceremony.  His kind nature and sincerity set the tone for a beautiful experience.
for Bob’s ceremony examples.

Kale Ka'alakahi

Kale is a perfect choice for a very authentic Hawaiian ceremony. If you want to incorporate some deeply meaningful local customs in your ceremony, Kale is the way to go. His spirituality shines through in all that he does. He is one of the younger ministers and also an amazingly talented Hawaiian dancer and chanter.

Paul Tangonan

Paul is a kind, gentle-spirited man and the pastor of Lahaina Methodist Church.  Whether marrying in his church or at an outdoor or private venue, Paul is a wonderful choice for a religious ceremony for your Maui wedding.